Facial Hair Removal for Men

Nowadays, men are very conscious about looks even if they are not a model or celebrity. Some men prefer a very smooth hairless face, while others just wish to thin some of the unwanted chest hair. We at Derma Clinix offer customized treatment solutions to our male clients who are not happy with their hairs on face, chest or back. Many people think that Laser Hair Reduction treatments are just for women and men does not require that. But that is not the fact, actually nowadays many men prefer laser for permanent hair reduction at different parts of the body. Facial Hair Removal is also a very common treatment opted by men in India and also across the globe. It gives freedom from unwanted hairs on face and allows men to flaunt their smooth facial skin.



Skin Consultation
First of all you need to get an appointment from our dermatologists to get the skin consultation, because not every skin is favorable for laser treatment. During the skin consultation, our specialist will examine your skin and hairs on your skin which is very important step to see that the treatment would be successful or not. After understanding the skin type and hairs, the dermatologist would give you the dates of treatments.

It is highly advisable that you follow the instructions given by our Doctors while the treatment procedure goes on. Skin is the most sensitive part of the body and requires extra care. Any wrong usage of products or treatment can cause skin problems or irritation. To avoid any such situation, follow the instructions and ask your physicians before using any kind of ointment or medication in case of any burning sensation or irritation.  Facial Hair Removal is our most popular service among our male guests, and it will absolutely change your life. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted facial hair. At Derma Clinix, our expert medical practitioners customize the laser settings to treat facial areas when dealing with hair removal.

Why to choose Derma Clinix?
Derma Clinix is a renowned name in Skin and Hair Care Treatments with its world class Dermatologists, Skin Consultants and highly advanced infrastructure. Derma Clinix has best in class machines and equipments which makes the treatments very easy and effective. So what are you waiting for? Call us right away to schedule an appointment with our Dermatologists and Skin Consultants.

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